Unit testing helpers for ATG Java Enterprise applications

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Welcome to DynUnit

DynUnit started as a fork of ATG DUST, a unit testing framework for ATG Commerce, the proprietary Java enterprise framework that predates Java EE itself, and its extensive eCommerce framework. The thing about ATG is that it provides a sort of Java EE solution called Dynamo which provides dependency injection, an ORM layer (known as a Repository which can map to RDBMS, LDAP, XML, HTML, and some other formats), and many other layers from a typical Java EE stack. However, only parts of it have been migrated to use the modern EE APIs (e.g., the Repository framework has not been updated to be compatible with JPA), so existing solutions can only do so much. That is where DynUnit comes in!

What is DynUnit?

DynUnit provides several helper utilities for JUnit tests along with test implementations of several key Dynamo Nucleus components necessary to bootstrap a stand-alone ATG-based application. The goal is to be able to run automated unit tests on your ATG applications without needing a full-blown installation along with a running Java EE application server (JBoss, WebLogic, or WebSphere are the currently supported servers by ATG).

Getting DynUnit

DynUnit is currently under heavy development. The old codebase is being refactored and simplified immensely, and new interfaces that mesh well with JUnit 4 are being written. If you wish to preview it or provide help, you can check out the code on GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/jvz/dynunit.git

Or, if you prefer to use Subversion:

svn co https://github.com/jvz/dynunit/trunk dynunit


Currently, there is only one active developer, Matt Sicker (@jvz). ATG DUST had a few main developers including Manny Parasirakis (@mannypp), Adam B (adamb06), and Robert Hellwig (@rob-ert, website), although their current whereabouts are unknown. That, or I never knew them!